You Can

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You Can

For some time now we have a new month. October is beautiful part of the year. Nature starts to prepare for winter sleep and everthing around is playing with colors. This morning I was traveling by train and I saw amazing view. All around was a mist and from it you could see  peaks of hills shining in gold, red, orange and green color. Fall is for me probably the most inspirational season. And new month also means that I prepared for you a new wallpaper and products with this design in my shop. This month has theme “You Can”. Download link is at the end of the article.

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You will never be as good as others. They were born with a bigger talent. You won’t make a living by this. Have you ever heard such sentences from someone? Sometimes I encounter that people like to make excuses, compare to others and complain. And it’s often because they have around people who doesn’t support them. They don’t motivation, someone who would kick them and encourage them. It is normal for us to doubt and to not know wether we manage something or wether we go into right direction. The best is to be in society of people who are on the same wave and wants to help us. Such people will tell us, yes, you are doing the right thing and you can do it! 90% of succes is inside our head.

90% of succes is inside our head.

Think positive! Event thought you have now feeling you won’t make it, it’s not the truth. You got it! Make steps to get closer to your destination. If you want to drink a colu, can will be closed, you will say that you can’t and you won’t open it. Will you ever drink? No. But it’s only relative. When you make the step and you open the can than you can drink. Just open the can inside your head.



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