Lettering adventures begin

Vítejete na blogu o letteringu

Lettering adventures begin

It is more than a half of the year since I finished my challenge. I was creating lettering artworks every day for the whole year. I was improving myself the whole year, every day moved me further and further. I was learning new techniques and the right touch in my hand. Maybe you were thinking whether it is the end and you won’t never see or hear anything from me. Well, I won’t do you such a pleasure. 😛 If you follow me on Instagram (No? than fix it! @rkaluzik), you know that once in a while I share something. I was thinking for a long time, where I want to move with lettering. I have plenty of projects in my head, which I would love to start. Launch e-shop with my own products, start to beautify whiteboards in Brno and it’s surroundings or start to organize a courses of lettering.

I decided to start with something easier. I want to be more persistent in sharing everything I know and do. I am starting to write a blog! Here I reveal all the adventures that take place during doing those beautiful letterings. I will try to pass on a part of me, give you sneak peak of what motivates me, why I love what I do and also what hidden value is in this art. Is Lettering for you so attractive and you want to learn create amazing signs not only for you but also for your friends? I will show you how to start and will motivate you to never give up. And as soon as I decide to move further here you will know first!

I can’t wait to publish everything I have in store for you. If you are excited as me than share, comment and sign up for my newsletter to never miss anything. I can truly tell you: “It would be a great pity!”.

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